Printing his mark with a cool 3D solution

Parked in the backyard of Royce Bailey’s Dysart home is his Jayco Penguin camper trailer, a world away from his 3D printing headquarters, 3DPRINTRV.

You would not think there is a connection, but there is.

When Royce took his brand-new caravan on its first road trip, he found that his fridge would not get cold enough. So off he went to investigate what the problem was and come up with a solution.

That solution is the Klevacool Caravan Fridge Fans that Royce designs and manufactures with his 3D printer.

“A lot of caravan fridges suffer from poor performance and that is mostly due to the heat behind the fridge being unable to escape effectively.

“The Klevacool fans mount in the top fridge vent with a new thermostat fitted, when it gets too hot in there, the fan turns on and pulls air through the bottom vent and blows it out the top so you have constant cool fresh air behind the fridge.”

He said the fans have 3D printed plates that enclose the vent properly, align everything neatly and we have designs to fit almost any type of caravan vent.

An auto electrician by trade, Royce never thought his career would end up in 3D printing, in fact like many aspiring entrepreneurs, he still works full- time but has found the drive to turn his hobby into a business.

Looking back when he started his trade, he said computers were the very basic.

“No one thought that in 40 years, everyone would have a computer and have a phone that has more power than any computer we had back then.

 “I used to make things on a lathe and a mill, and it used to take hours.  If it didn’t work, you lost all that time.

“With 3D Printing I can design the file accurately on the computer, put it into the printer, send it off to print and walk away and come back when it is finished.

“If it works great, if it doesn’t, I can modify the design very simply and I have lost little time”. 

Royce said 3D printing is a tool for the creative human being, that requires process, imagination and drive to come up with an idea to begin with.

“It is the tool to bring that creativity to life. To bring a concept to reality”.



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