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Welcome to the Transformation Region platform, powered by GW3 and you, the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region. There’s a lot of hype around the fourth industrial revolution. Hollywood has glorified it as a dystopian fantasy, the media report on whatever seems to move fast and break things and a lot of us are still scratching our heads wondering when it will arrive and what it means for our communities?
So let’s get some of the big questions out of the way before we dive into what this means for the Greater Whitsundays and how the Transformation Region platform is future-proofing the region.(read more)


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The Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region has a rich history of embracing change; out-of-the-box history and an ardent ‘can-do’ attitude. The world is rapidly changing around us and this region is at the forefront of embracing that change. Right here, you will find real life, Mackay Isaac Whitsunday examples and case studies of how our community and industry is embracing new technologies to make our workplaces safer and more productive, our businesses more competitive globally, and our communities more connected. Be part of this transformation region conversation and feel inspired by the great work our friends and neighbours are doing and be excited for the region’s future.


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GW3 is an independent, regional economic development body that represents and advocates for the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region. It is funded by the three regional councils along with project and grant funding. The organisation is led by an independent governance board; has a Chief Executive Officer and an administration, communications and project team located across the entire MIW region. GW3 is a regional approach to economic development and creates opportunities for the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region to realise its full potential. To learn more about GW3’s projects visit their website at www.gw3.com.au .



This CONTRIBUTE forum is an opportunity for you to join the discussion and share your opinions and insights about the topics covered. Your input will help the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region prioritise initiatives and determine where to focus investment and effort. This forum is also a place where you can vote, ask questions, get answers and engage with other members of the MIW community.


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